Jessica Craps

I know.  Such an attention getting post title but get this — >  I had a blog in 2005 called the Scraps of Life but the URL was JessicaScraps.blogspot dot com. So the scraps thing was in homage to a hobby I had for like 12 minutes – scrapbooking. I meant it as I said it in the blog title – The scraps of life.  I think that’s good, I really do. I do not however like that I did JessicaScraps.  Really?!  Just in case you’re not getting why this is so awful let me take it apart for you to see another way. Jessica s Craps.  Ha! That would be an image heavy blog of all of Jessica’s fecal matter.  Sorry – gross. Moving on – the blog is really good!  I can say that because of the whole This is Happening theme of being confident and recognizing that each individual when being authentic and true is the very best one to do the job of being that individual.  We all can be confident assholes.  Really it would work. Ok that last part is not true.  Let’s all collectively decide to not be assholes.  I’ll go first.  Well, clearly. (that’s me being confident and knowing I am a nice person.) So – read some of these.  I definitely think you’ll like ’em. And if you don’t read them – that makes sense too.  And if you do read them and feel like commenting below – please do and tell me – when you read old journal entries or essays, emails, postcards written by yourself from the past, how does it make you feel?

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