THIS is happening

It will be hard not to have every blog post title be This is Happening because that is always happening. This.

It’s a phrase that is hard to get away from.  I just dare you to try not saying it for a few days.  It will be hard.  Because it’s always happening.

I know I am talking vaguely here.  What IS she talking about?  WHAT is happening?

Well, IT. . . is happening.

You’re getting in your car.  You’re at a stop light.  You see a friend driving the other way.  THAT just happened and it was happening.  So, alternatively — > You are at a stop light.  You look in the car driving by the other way and you wave to your friend.  This is happening.  (this happened recently to me in my neighborhood and while it is a small-ish neighborhood it was a good friend and though at that point I was seeing her every other day – aka A lot – this still surprised me.)

Okay, okay so it’s not becoming clearer.  Another way I can talk to you about it is like this:

You’re pregnant, you’re in labor and you say (scream?) out loud to whomever will listen.

“I can’t do it!  I can’t do it!”

And you know what your midwife, doctor, doula, spouse, partner or nurse says to you?

You ARE doing it!

So THAT is ‘this is happening’ in a nutshell.

You got older.  Oh, did you?

Well, you look great.  And you keep doing that.  Getting older, that is.

And you know what you need to say each time it happens?

This is happening!

You can’t go back.

We’re all about to enter the real world. That’s what everybody says. But most of us have been in the real world for a long time. But I have something to tell everybody. I’ve glimpsed our future,  and all I can say is . . . ‘Go Back.’

Thank you, Diane Court.  But you can’t.  This is happening!

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