Daisy Couch

Is a terrible name for a blog.

But I had one with this name and though it only has two blog posts, I love ’em.  I love these spotlights on what I was thinking 10 years ago.  I am kinda also giddy at myself for only having two blog posts for this terribly named blog. Two!

What follow through.  What ambition.

Read on.

And please note that I know exactly where this name came from.  At the time Daisy was going to be my doppelganger, my code name, my Sasha Fierce, if you will.  And also in my 20s before I met my life partner and before I even met the man who would be the father to my children (same person) it was to be my future daughter’s name.

The couch part was that I enjoyed sitting on my couch and at the time I think that made me laugh. I just thought of writing a blog as an activity similar to being a couch potato.

Hmm. . I am not sure since it was 10 years ago that Daisy couch (shudder) was created but using the word “couch” is probably because of this scene from Billy Madison. It is one of the scenes I quote from almost weekly.

Keep spelling, Mister

R you going to the mall today?

Now do you get it and how horrible a blog name it really truly was?!  I feel like it sums up entirely why I am so in awe of commercial jingle writers, creative types who can come up with company names from nothing and anyone who draws. Ok that last one makes little sense but I have no ability to draw objects so I just think it’s cool when someone can do that.

Daisycouch.  Wow.



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