Mom-ing Together

Recently, I was IMing with a friend that I used to live around the block from when I lived in Brooklyn. We haven’t hung out for longer than an hour in the past year, haven’t emailed or IM’d for a few months and yet, whenever we are connecting it seems that no time has passed. We pretty much keep up with each others lives through photos and status updates on Facebook and even though neither of us is an active poster, it seems to work. It’s the roots of our friendship that have made this be ok. When you are mom-ing with someone else, seeing them daily and watching their baby grow in to a 1, 2, or 3 year old and they are watching you be the mother of a 1, 2, then 3 year old, you know right then and there, you have a friend for life.

You just can’t take  it back. Those intense hangs when you need to see another adult. When you’ve been inside with your kid for 4 hours having no outside communication, maybe just with the local barista but that so doesn’t count. You somehow connect on text, email, phone! and you say, I need to come over. And you and your little one do just that. And yay!


You made it through the adult-less time to a good place with another grown up to laugh with, vent with, cry with. and of course, make fun of other people with.

Ok so we don’t hang out now. We aren’t watching each other’s kids grow up in real time. Just through photos and perhaps a few hours every few months of every year. It doesn’t matter because that happened.  You went from being a brand new mom thrown into the deep end and you treaded water, you doggy paddled, you started with some easy strokes and then you glided. And you did it together.

Until you got pregnant again and well, that.

That’s your own fault!!



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