What is happening: Pre-Kitchen Reno

Kitchen renovations officially start tomorrow. A temp wall is going up to protect a living room from a dining room demolition. After the temp wall is raised, they start breaking things.

This is a big job and involves a lot of big things but I feel in good hands for whatever reason that I am not going to dwell on. Look, it’s the beginning. Maybe in the middle or at the end my attitude will change but this is going to kick ass! Let’s also not dwell on the fact that this kitchen reno is about 18 months in the making. We won’t dwell because we are not in a rush. We moved at our own pace. We made some calls. And then we didn’t. And then we made some more and then we waited to take some actions and now it’s the night before it all starts. We are still in the same place.

I feel lucky. Let it be this smooth and easy all the way through. I mean, this tile is going to be my kitchen backsplash – in my house! – soon. Why shouldn’t I be at ease?

In other news, know what I have cooked over the last 48 hours?

A lot!

One pan of brownies, Tom Yum-Style Shrimp & Noodles, Salvadoran Black Bean & Cheese Pupusas, homemade granola and Baked Fontina Pasta.

I loved all of the dishes but the Organics Brownies. I think I am not into brownies any more.

Wow. End of an era. (Dramatization).

About 10 of them (the other brownies having been consumed) are in the freezer awaiting stomachs to call home.

As I sit in this space (living room turned into de facto dining room for the next few weeks/months) I wonder how uncomfortable the living will be. Conveniences – like a working kitchen! – gone, making way for something more efficient, effective, and beautiful!

We’re talking the tile linked above, new appliances and tons and tons of more windows bringing more light.

Check this space for photos!


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