Hello? Anyone out there?

It’s lonely out here sometimes.

Take today for example. I managed my own schedule. No one and I mean no one could care less when I was coming or going or going crazy.

It started at around 3 when I realized no one cared what I was doing.

The kids were taken care of for their pick ups, drop offs and all that and I was on my own. It’s a weird place to be even when you are an adult. Even though I am not officially employed – I am a self-employed homemaker – part of my brain is still asking, wondering, saying – what do I do now? Where am I supposed to be going? How can I be productive in this moment and time?

There is no “man”. I am the man. You gotta listen to the man but what does the man want?

What should you be doing to satisfy that productive part of your brain and being that wants you to be productive?

The ellipsis goes here. — > . . .

And now, new thought. I know what helps!

I got a dry erase board thingee that I keep on my nightstand and it helps! I wrote “Be Happy” on it and haven’t erased it in the past few weeks.

I have added items to the list – cancel hair appt, call dentist, go to Stop N Shop. Those I have completed and erased and so Be Happy stays for now. It’s given me focus. And makes me feel productive. Well, it says here on this list, “Be Happy”. . I smile and feel like, ok I am doing my job!

Ugh. Is that the worst? Is it so American? Trite? Pollyanna?

Well, yes. It is and can be all of those things but I am still happy about it.





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