Discrimination Policy

I think it’s almost over. All the chit chat about being a feminist. Or the talk of not being a feminist. And debating the definition. And debating that other definition.
And what did Beyonce say?
So here’s the straight-up policy I’m holding.
It seems like “Are you a feminist?” is the umbrella debate overseeing the push and pull and uncommon but in existence vitriol between woman who work outside of the home and women who do not have official employment outside of the home (homemakers, stay at home moms – SAHMs)
I’m torn by this phrase, “you be you” only because it’s just been overused.
But you know what? You be you.
Whatever your situation is and whatever works for you is great to me. I want you to feel fulfilled and satisfied and if you’re not and want to be, then I hope you are progressing towards your goals.
And just this one other thing — > if you are not a feminist I can’t relate to you and I won’t even try.

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