Thursday Links because Thursdays are good so why not make them even better?

So I’ll start by exclaiming: YES! I definitely believe I have been looking for this one place to feel like myself. Comfy. Nothing too serious. Nothing too soft but ahhh! How does it go?

Just right.

And About The Mid

What’s The Mid and Are You In It? 

Is there really anything I can add to this well-written title to a tumblr blog?  I am a woman of carefully selected, well-edited (by me, of course!) words and there is nothing, nada, zilch that could explain it to you better than the link itself.

Good Riddance, Carrie Mathison by Maureen Dowd, New York Times

This is the type of article I live for right now.

I, the This is Happening creator, scribe, idea woman. As a promoter of women being confident, knowing what’s out there, being informed about feminism, how it is perceived, how it is incorrectly perceived, how to live like a strong feminist, then this piece about Secret Service women sums it all up in its narrative.  Thank you very much.

There’s so much here and yet all I want to point out from the article is that woman can be badass secret service professionals and you know what else?

They go on first dates AND sometimes get nervous! To me that sums up feminism and what I want the world to know about promoting feminism.

We’re real. We’re like you. Human beings. Now let’s all join hands!

The Thursday Three:

This Thursday: To your health!!

1. Your career’s health:

4 Simple Steps to Becoming Your Best Self at Work by Dave Kerpen, LinkedIn Influencer

2. Your moral health:

The Moral Bucket List by David Brooks, The New York Times

3. Your body’s health:

And the last link for good measure and timeliness because it’s the only one that I actually read TODAY. (others have gathered virtual dust in my drafts folder, as you can see from the pub. dates)

“One of two things: There will be reasonable, adult acceptance of transition. Or I will turn to a life of crime.”
Reasonable, adult acceptance of transition is what I want all readers to take away from this and try your best to always have it when changes come your way.
Be reasonable. You don’t have to be happy about it. You don’t have to feel sad. Unless of course, you do feel sad. Feel what you want but be reasonable.

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