Thursday Links because Thursdays Louis CK is on at 10:30 PM and that makes Thursday pretty great with me right now

Newly obsessed with The Mid and right now I am obsessed with not stopping being obsessed.

From The Mid

The Revelations About Aging You Experience at a Billy Joel Concert

Maybe this is why I haven’t gone to Madison Square Garden during his monthly stints to see him, my birthday buddy (we share one!) and my fellow Long Island piano player. (I played in 5th grade and am currently re-learning).

Insightful & important. Reading this made me miss having a newborn in some ways and obviously not miss it in most other ways.

The Struggle of New Moms with Postpartum Depression – A Story in Picture.

Everyone who has an email address can and should consider themselves a writer. You don’t have to write a book, an essay or a blog for these tips to be useful.

Top 10 Writing Tips And the Psychology Behind Them

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