Moms worry.

And so do Dads but it’s different.

It was Mother’s Day and this appeared in print.

Mom – The Designated Worrier

Seeing this article on the cover of the New York Times Sunday Review is what I liked most about it. The actual content is worthy – very much so! – though I already knew I was the family’s worrier. My spouse and I do share worry. Mostly we worry about different things when it comes to our kids. I do know for a fact that I do more worrying. It’s biology and how we’ve evolved. I wonder: If we chalk it up to biology and evolution will mom rage decrease?!

Are we supposed to tell our little girls, “This is how it is and how you are made.”  Then have workshops at a young ago on dealing with stress as a parent?!

I suppose teaching yoga and mindfulness at a young age helps with any stress a grown-up child (?) will encounter whether it be as she grows up to be a parent or not.

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