Hi Mom

That is all I feel like saying this week to kid #1.

She wrote a Mother’s Day poem, as 1st grade children are wont to do and instructed to by their wonderful teachers – and for the “H” in MOTHER, she wrote “Hi Mom”

I’ve never been prouder.

It is hands down, singularly the best line I have ever read in a poem.

Yes, the poem was about me (M:Mom’s my mom. I love her).

But there after the T (T:Together we have fun!), before the E (E:Each and every day we have fun!), Hi Mom.

(And yes, we have a lot of fun though I didn’t realize just how much until I read this!)

She knew I was there but was double checking. She knows I like attention. She wanted me to know she was thinking of me. She was being funny. All THAT in two words!

And let’s be clear, she also wanted to make sure I was paying attention and not on my phone. That must have factored in as well when she wrote the line.

Whatever the case, Hi Mom, now has a different meaning for me. It’s my little girl still being a little girl (yay!). If you know the following dialogue then you’ll also know why I like the mid poem shout-out silliness.

Child: You know just how to press my buttons, Mom!

Mother: Of course, I do! I installed those buttons!

So I shouldn’t be surprised. She’s ridiculous sometimes for no reason. (Wha, who me?!)

She’s enthusiastic about so many things. (Pitch Perfect 2 comes out this week?!?!?!)

She can see the beauty in simple things and wants to tell the world. (see This is Happening e-newsletter)

She shouts from the back seat just yesterday, “Mom look at the sky and the cool sun rays!”.

Hi Leelee.

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