Thursday Links because two weeks ago I started doing Thursday links

This is what I am going to read next.

Department of Speculation

A Brooklyn mama friend told me she just finished it and she liked it a lot. Works for me!

I bought <img%20border=”0″ src=”″ >The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan a few weeks ago at Penn Station when I had a train ride ahead of me but nothing to read. It was quite good though I haven’t finished all of the essays yet.

We had stayed at Eventi, a Kimpton hotel, the night before, ate at Betony for dinner and then ventured a few blocks away to The Nomad Hotel for brunch in the atrium that morning.

Celebrity sighting! Judith Light, ladies and gentleman. She’s just like us and she eats brunch!

I’d definitely go back to the Nomad Hotel. It was my 2nd time enjoying brunch there and it did not disappoint.

Forget the food for a moment. The atrium is just an outstanding place to be with friends and family. It’s chicly decorated and well lit. Certainly not the first thing you might think about when dining out but it is just a well lit place and I liked it. Not too strong, not too soft, just right. Like an atrium should always be.

Dinner at Betony was just ok though the drinks were outstanding. I had a Vin De Liquor, which is a wine (part Chardonnay, part Sauvignon Blanc) with brandy. Wow. That was amazing.

And this.

Mad Men Superfan Quiz

I surprised myself and did terribly.

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