Saturday links because Thursday had passed me by

There was the gym portion of my day, picking up a package at the post office, finding a new place with a great Greek salad but first cluelessly passing by it in my car, lunch with a newborn and his mom, pick up #1, pick up #2, dance class, securing some household admin paperwork, and then the evening filled with dinner prep and breakdown, a sisterly event, a volunteer commitment and then there was no Thursday left. Know what I mean?!

So Thursday links are tonight instead but maybe you get it?

Mad Men ended almost a week ago but the recaps don’t stop!

All week it’s the Coke Ad, Bill Backer (who was the real life ad guy behind it), and the fan service to create Steggy.

The word from creator Matt Weiner himself was the most interesting to me.

From Salon

Matthew Weiner Opens Up About Mad Men

Of the character Leonard (in the final episode)

In Weiner’s view, the character summed up a general feeling of alienation among the men of the time: “Even if they’re not veterans, the alienation that was created by success, political racial tension, the technology — which is I think what’s happening right now — the isolation, these guys, they’re gonna crack … I don’t think there’s enough empathy right now in the world,” he said

These next two links support something I say a few times a month to myself. The mom self-talk to get thru the day. In a similar vein to “This is Happening!” is

“It’s a lot!”

Being a grown up, taking charge, being confident, making decisions, parenting, making deals, negotiating everything, keeping your cool, staying organzed, putting on a front, not putting on a front.

It’s a lot!

10 ways to salvage a bad morning before parting ways from the Huffington Post and

The Working Parents Dilemma from The Mid.

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