Thursday links because some people said they like these

These people shall not be named. But thank you people!

Books to read in June or later but they are coming out in June.

I’m all over that Judy Blume one. I LOVED Summer Sisters (which by the way is approximately 17 years old. I know.)

Then as a young reader (I mean, really young) the ones that stayed with me include: Blubber, Tiger Eyes and Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.  I kinda have this feeling I want to read them again.

Teenage Book Club!

Admittedly, I believe I am already in one.

I am now reading Divergent by Veronica Roth for a new book club starting June 17!

I am throughly enjoying Divergent, just like a little girl. Recently I was listening to Pitch Perfect music on my iPhone while reading Divergent while headed into the city. I mean, if that is not living, I don’t know what is.

Letting my inner 15/16 year old shine feels like a big achievement and win for the day, the week, and the month!

What have you done lately that makes you feel like you’re in high school again?

If you aren’t keeping up with Veep (no spoiler alerts ahead), then you are missing out on a national treasure. That treasure being Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the team that plays the characters Richard and Jonah. And the guy who plays Gary who is the same guy that used to play Buster on Arrested Development (also a national treasure of a character).  Anna Chlumsky, my secret BFF (secret because she doesn’t know it) is incredible in this too. May I just compliment ALL the actors and ALL the writers of this amazing show?

So, Episode 7 is one of my favorites so far this season (Season 4) but I will say that the first three this season were in a word – perfection.

New York Magazine Recap of Veep, Season 4, Episode 7

A new friend writes a not so new blog and I am loving it. Quick pieces on what is going on in her life with three elementary school aged boys, super supportive husband and her aging dad all in the lovely town of Port Washington, NY.

Ice Scream Mama



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