Friday is called Yay-day in some cultures

The culture of This is Happening, that is.

Some pretty good memories for me and some pretty sad things I have to look forward to with my 4 year old who has only discovered tantrums recently.

Asshole Parents

Worth a click to see what jerks these parents are all through the eyes of temper tantrum-ing little people.


He’s great. I saw him perform live a few years ago at Beacon theater so I know what I am talking about.

Can’t wait to read the whole book and here’s an excerpt.

Aziz Ansari – Modern Romance (excerpt via

If the first few paragraphs of this chunk don’t make you want to read the entire book, then I don’t know what will!

No, seriously.

Then you should probably not buy the book.

(You can borrow my copy if you are still curious.)

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