Today is that day

Today’s the day my son looked me in the eyes with a huge sneaky little grin and said with glee, “We are married!”

Luckily I was in a good place with my real life partner (his dad) and said, “Sorry I am already married. And we are not married.”

But (and well, there really is no but) it was cute anyway.

I mean, yes!

A milestone, right? A freakin’ Freudian psychologically messed up milestone but you gotta take ’em when you can get ’em.

It all goes so fast.

I mean, seems like he was just born yesterday and yet my son wants to marry me today!

I said to him, “Don’t worry I’ll always be your mom and I will always love you.” By then he had forgotten what he had proposed and moved on to his Legos.

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