We Are All Doing The Best We Can

Somehow sitting here inside on this super hot day as it is about to rain for the past 2 hours I was feeling guilty about not doing something big with my time with my little 4 year old Noodle. We just bopped around the house. I am sorta waiting for the kitchen that has been under renovations for the past 4 (!) months become a working kitchen as that was told to me yesterday it would happen. Dishwasher, Fridge, Stove all ready to use though finishing touches haven’t been applied. So we wait. And we didn’t do any errands. We didn’t go outside. We played with Legos. We watched some videos. We watched paint dry. (dramatization).

And then I read an article about parenthood (there’s no link – it was lost in a black hole of cutting and pasting gone awry) where the last line just helped me through the moment.

We are all doing the best we can.

So we are not doing something fun. You know what’s fun? Right now is fun.


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