Trying real hard here to “each her own” but it’s really hard!

To each his own. Really.

To each her own. Really.

Helicopter vs free range. Stay at home or go to work.

Organic milk vs regular milk.

Goat milk vs hemp milk. Juicing vs smoothies.

But this just makes me mad.

Along with babies, hairstylists are arriving in hospitals.

I should be thinking,

“You want to get your hair done at the hospital after you gave birth for your newborn photos  – sounds great!”

But I am thinking, “You want to WHAT?!”

And now, thinking about it more. . . Now that I have gone through the motions of thinking about it, I am truly really thinking, “That is great for you. You do that.”

A few years ago, a few months ago . . . let’s just say a few ago. . . I had this short conversation with a friend about how I don’t want to be too focused or shallow or obsessed. I don’t want to worry about how I look or what I am wearing, my jewelry, my hair. Or spend too much time on it.

She said, “It’s not shallow! If it makes you feel good, then that is something and that is good!”

I concurred.

So, why does THIS storyline matter to me?

You know why it matters to me?

Because I have a daughter.

Let’s say she is going to have a baby one day. So now, she has yet something ELSE to think about when she goes and has a baby.

That is fucking bullshit.

I do care and I want you to stop!

But I guess if you don’t  – I do wish you a good hair day! (especially if you’ve spent the dollars)

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