Monday Mindfulness

These are some of the best pieces I’ve read over the past few days that have made me happy. I got peace when I was reading them and yes, “I got peace” is not grammatically correct but I like it. It gives me peace.

These may not have the most useful information but they are not trivial. They remind me of meditation. It’s good for you though you might not realize it right away and it just makes you feel better though you might not know how or why.

From The New York Times

How to Hold A Stranger’s Baby

Friends has new BFFs


From Mamalode (Becky Tountas)

The Hardest Days


From Brain, Child

10 thoughts on being a mom friend


Other items that I spent brain power (and money) on today:

The Original Broadway Soundtrack of HAMILTON

The Clasp by Sloane Crosely


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