Feminist Fun Friday

I received the recent New Yorker in my mail yesterday and the profile article is about Gloria Steinem.

I received an email today from Lenny Letter, the e-newsletter created by Lena Dunham and Jenni  Konner (BFFs and co-workers on HBO’s Girls) and there was an interview with Gloria Steinem.

I got some reading to do!

Have already started reading the New Yorker article. Gloria turned 80 this year and every time she ages and becomes an age with a zero at the end there are articles written. Parties, trips and more parties it sounds like. Who knew she was such a partier?!

It’s fascinating as a woman who grew up always knowing who she was – sort of – and reading about what she was doing when I was a little girl.

Also, want to recommend Everyday Feminism. Read earlier this week about being a womanist and not a feminist. Seems a lot of feminists who have the stage (literally and figuratively) are white feminists and being a womanist is inclusive of all races.

Huh? I have been using the word feminist as way inclusive. That other gender (starts with an “m”) can be feminists with the definition I’ve been using: All people are created equally.

I’m an equalist!

And lastly for your Friday – this is fun!

The List App

It’s addictive, especially if you like lists. A strange thing to actually “like” perhaps, but strange can be good. And funny.

And interesting.

And enlightening, too.


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