Feminist Friday

Hillary in History

“Clinton — the wife of a former president, with the longest résumé in the room — is a perfect transitional figure, whether she wins or not.”

This one made me go to the Hillary Clinton site and sign up to volunteer. I realized that if the evening of Tuesday, November 8, 2016 comes around and America does not elect its first female president, I will be very upset. The “whether she wins or not” got to me. Well, if she makes it that far, she simply has to win. It is getting tiring and I feel threatened having a young daughter to answer to.

A young and strong willed daughter. I want her to stay that way.

So, how do you say America is a great country when it is 240 years old and it has never elected a female president?

When It’s More Than The Thought That Counts

Having worked for non-profits and serving on community organization boards, being a parent of an elementary school student and volunteering as a Girl Scouts troop leader, this one was a real interesting read. Where does help really help?

I won’t stop donating canned goods when asked but it’s good to read to learn about what is most important to agencies seeking donations and what donations are preferred.

Smarty Mommies

Loving this find. Great blog! Just what it says. Although I might add these are some Real Smart Smarty Mommies.

Recipe for Som’ Bitch Cookies

Perhaps not very feminist at all but . . . cookies!!

If you were a How I Met Your Mother watcher back in the day, then this will mean something to you.

I think I will try these for my Thanksgiving feast.

2 thoughts on “Feminist Friday

  1. Let me know if you make the cookies- they’re truly delicious and would make a perfect addition to your Slapsgiving…I mean Thanksgiving 😉

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