Feminist Friday

32 Types of Anti-Feminism in cartoon format

Why the hell not, right?

You’ve seen all types of anti-feminism in your years, I am sure.

This will make you laugh and I am guessing, it will also make you mad. I only got to the fifth one before I started getting mad. What about you? Anyone of these make you the most mad?

I think the Good Girl and The Comedian are tops for me and my rage. 🙂


Alec Baldwin interviewed Amy Schumer.

This podcast (Alec Baldwin’s Here’s The Thing) is worth the listen at only 38 minutes. Amy pleases you and Alec isn’t so irritating that you have to stop listening.  This HAS been known to happen to me when listening to his podcast interviews but “I Brake for Amy Schumer” so I listened.


16 Stages of Becoming Painfully Irrevocably Obsessed With Hamilton on Broadway

So, I saw Hamilton in September. It was about 8 weeks ago and I have this “being obsessed” with Hamilton thing down. Listening to “My Shot” now as I write and it’s probably the 10th time I am listening to it today. My son can sing parts of it. He’s 4.

I am trying to memorize the entire 5 minutes long rap.


Well, for the past 7 weeks (how long I’ve had the soundtrack), I wasn’t sure why and then. And then!

I got invited to a karaoke birthday party so now I know why!!!  I so doubt the place in Flushing will have this song for singing but I will be checking.

Now, I don’t want to give away the end of the play but I will tell you that I couldn’t stop crying at the last song. I look back and just think, “Wow. I had. So. Many. Feelings!” That was me. I had many.

This is part of Feminist Friday because in the end Hamilton can be described as a feminist play.

There I said it.

No spoilers but it’s the truth.

New York Times Theater Review: Hamilton



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