Lunch today

Yesterday I had some extra time around the house (yay!) and I wasn’t emptying or reloading the dishwasher (huh? is there every anything else to do when you have those dishes that just magically multiply – and they multiply dirty, remember) so I cooked some chicken.

Oh yeah. Things are getting wild.

And I didn’t use a recipe. Oh boy. I cannot be stopped. So it would seem.

This no recipe free-wheeling thing isn’t because I am a good cook. I am ok in the kitchen but one thing I can be good at in the kitchen is being lazy. That’s right.

So I took out the chicken, Bell and Evans, thin (well, thinnish IMO) skinless breasts and got to work. Lazy work.

Two pieces got the kid treatment. Egg and then some panko. And the third is what I am eating now so that is why it is part of this story.

I put the third piece of chicken in the baking pan and sprinkled Za’atar over the whole damn thing.

Into the oven at 400 for about 30 minutes and voila, chicken for my lunchtime salad today. It’s so good and the salad has tomatoes, cucumbers and tzatziki ¬†sauce from yesterday’s take-out dinner.

If you don’t have the spice Za’atar in your kitchen, please get some. Chicken, salmon and pita bread are my favorite vehicles for this Lebanese spice.

Click here to see the one I bought.

It’s from Amazon. The soul-sucking, Wal-Mart of the West (or Internet), Amazon.





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