Wistful Wednesday

An Open Letter To The Friends Lost Along The Way

There are so many human beings on this planet who I have spent quality time with at some point in my growing up to this age that I am now. I still think of so many people as friends even though I haven’t seen or spoken to them in many months and in some cases many (many!) years.

This note – An Open Letter  –  is just one of those wistful pieces that wonderfully sums up how I feel. Many feelings. This is one of those articles from which the phrases – so many feelings and all the feels – can be applied genuinely.

I so want my name associated with this article and this sentiment so that’s why this post exists.

So, do you relate to this kind, humanistic open letter? Does it make you want to call and talk to all the people from your past? Just a select few?

It makes me want to throw a party and see everyone to give ’em a squeeze and a smile.



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