I’ll Know It When I See It

That’s what the situation was today.

I knew it was the first blog post of the year as soon as I saw “Non-Resolutions” in the headline!

Three Female Celebrities Share Their Non-Resolutions.

Non-Resolutions. Love it. Announcing the things you resolve not to do.

But do we need resolve at all? I wasn’t sure until I looked up the definition of resolve:

noun 1. firm determination to do something

verb 1. settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter)
    2. decide firmly on a course of action.
I can definitely get behind being determined to NOT do anything. Aw yeah!
The beginning of the year is a fine time to set out with resolve. I don’t think you have to if you don’t want to though. Today, you can resolve to have resolve throughout the year.
Or you can do it at another time for a check-in.
Maybe your birthday?
Or the start of Spring?
You pick.
But while we are here and it is the beginning of the year, resolve stays. Whether it be non-resolve or pure list making. We do as a species need resolve.
Here’s the other thing to discuss if I am using the second verb definition of resolve:  Let’s chat about being determined to NOT have a course of action and to just be.
F* a course of action. Is that possible?
THAT is the loophole for which I am seeking.
I don’t want to call it a loophole. I just don’t. And here’s why:
A loophole indicates I am doing something negative or surly (really good word that I resolve to use more often). By not taking a course of action one is definitely working against the grain. We all need to be up to something. Don’t we? I guess we all are. It reminds me of a question that is recommended to use at cocktail parties. Oh cocktail parties!!
“What is keeping you busy these days?”
Ever ask someone that? It’s a fun one actually.
And it is about resolve and a course of action, right?
So, maybe you do need a course of action if only for all the cocktail parties you may attend.
In conclusion, I hope you will enjoy this f you to resolutions.

Resolve to be. I am determined to do that.

Non-Resolutions for 2016:

I resolve to continue NOT exploring new types of music and to continue listening to 80s on 8, Pop2K, The Bridge on Sirius XM and Amy Winehouse as much as possible in 2016.

I resolve to wear less make-up if I want to and sometimes to wear a lot of make-up if I prefer.

I resolve to continue being Hamilton-obsessed and live in my own little world where I believe I am going to see it again in a few months when I win the Hamilton lottery that about 2,000 other people will also enter.

I resolve to reach out to people I want to meet up with to discuss business ideas and then I resolve to not feel guilty if I don’t act on those ideas.

So what do you think? Do you have some non-resolutions to share?


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