The beginning of my year

During the last week of the year I read a few sentences from a Facebook friend about unconditional love. It struck me and was exactly what I needed.

Here’s the long story short: this year, I am going to be unconditionally loving myself. Every part of me and every part of my personality. Every thought I have, every word I write, every action I take. Unconditional love for myself and my strengths AND my flaws.

It’s not that I am going make mistakes and be proud of them but I am still going to love myself unconditionally no matter what I may do that doesn’t please the voices in my head. Ok, so there is one voice, don’t worry, but it is a voice and sometimes it takes my mistakes and makes them bigger than they really are. To that I say, nope. Just love. The good and the bad.

Sidenote: I am also going to unconditionally love my family. My family members, like all families’ members have their idiosyncrasies, their pluses and their minuses and I will love all of that about them.

So, earlier this week I avoided committing to a course of action.

My resolve to NOT have a course of action has already been broken.

But I’m ok with this.

The course I choose is, you got it – – it’s love.



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