Mindful Monday, indeed

Payback Time For Women, NYTimes.com

This was published a week ago and I’m glad I pushed through my “To Read” pile instead of ditching it entirely.

Wow. As a stay at home mom with a blessed life and yet, still some resentments this makes so much sense to me. Just like that, let’s have a UBI, I say!

The decision to stay at home had and continues to have many, many layers and truth be told, I didn’t want to go looking for another corporate job once my previous one didn’t fit me anymore and so I didn’t. Luckily at the time I had two little kids ages 5 and under to take care of so I had something to occupy my time and efforts. Imagine if I also had a stipend!

But this isn’t about me, or it isn’t about just me. If I think it would make a difference (more so in mental space than financially), imagine what citizens in less than ideal situations would think!

But stop!

I am such a cynic that, as I analyze this with my lefty liberal heart that is saying,”This works! This makes sense!” the other side of my heart, the practical realist (to a fault) in me is adamantly screaming, “Why was this even written!? What is the point!?  This will never happen.”

It’s making me think of Bernie Sanders, donning a superhero robe (the year is 2017 or 2018) and he’s just pushing it through because in this fantasy my America is a place where liberals flourish, legislation gets through, there is equality of all sorts, our wage gap is closing, gun control is controlled, and we help the people who need help.



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