When I was 8

The Iowa Caucus of 2016 has come and gone.

I can’t get my head around Ted Cruz.

A few months ago I just thought, “Isn’t he a joke?”

And damn it to hell, he is not.

He won.

Ok, ok but this isn’t about that.

It’s about the Hillary and Bernie contest.


What a contest. I came to the epiphany last night that I am in a good situation with Dem nominees. If either is on that ballot come November, I am a happy, well-educated, active in my community, voter.

Lenny Letter Editor in Chief, Jessica Grose wrote an AMAZING piece in this week’s e-newsletter where she talks to the women and men telling females voters not to “vote with their vaginas.”

“.  . . telling women that they’re just “voting with their vaginas” doesn’t even help Bernie; it just highlights how important Hillary is as a symbol. The reason these things are still said about her is, in part, because a viable woman running for president is still an anomaly. If we had a presidential race that included not just Hillary but also Elizabeth Warren, Nikki Haley, and Susan Collins, the “voting with your vagina” accusation would be moot.”

She also notes, “I haven’t got a dog in this fight” due to Hillary’s less than stellar transparency and such. Yeah. It’s sorta like #ImWithHer should be accompanied with a shrug emoji.

Now throw all that aside. ALL of it. Just take your arms and as if the dining room table were loaded with all your fancy china and candlesticks and silverware swoop it all on the ground.

Make it crash.

Make it loud.

And don’t worry! You’ll clean it up later. Or you’ll hire someone to do that.

And hear this:

If my daughter, born in 2008, who was able to sit in a Brooklyn bar with me (while in a baby carrier) to watch Barack Obama and all his hope give his winning speech on election night 2008, wouldn’t it be something that when she is 8, she can watch America’s first female president take over?!

When I was 8 (or thereabouts), Hot for Teacher was on MTV.





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