Wanting It All Wednesday

Nope. The wanting it all narrative is over, I think. Women are getting too smart.

I read this shit about wanting it all all of the time anyway. It’s interesting. I like perspective. I can always take a tidbit away and use it later somehow. In my talks with friends, sisters, mentors, acquaintances, strangers and in my self talk, too.

Nailed it:

Having It All Kinda Sucks

These are some stand out quotes, in my opinion

You not only can, but should have a career and children — because if you don’t, you’re basically a) lazy, b) weak, c) not a real woman.

On opting in

We need to make it truly okay for women to opt in, too. Not in the way it is today, where you’re supposed to basically (and in my case, literally) pretend you haven’t had a kid and just take on all the baby duties without letting any other thing slip. But really, truly okay. Like, everyone knows you’re pregnant but doesn’t freak out and assume you’re not going to ever do any work again or that you won’t want to take on anything ambitious.

On opting out

We need to make it truly okay for women to opt out of working, too. Not sort of okay, but behind your back everyone thinks you’re wasting your potential, so then you feel like you have to parent the shit out of your kids and run yourself ragged taking them to activities and teaching them things. But, like, really okay where you can have your friends over for mimosas in the afternoon and lock those little animals in the backyard for an hour if you feel like it, because Jesus Christ spending all day with a small child is exhausting and infuriating and any sane human would need an hour off.

Who’s coming over for those mimosas?


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