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This is Happening covers an array of topics and is ultimately about lots of different things.

There’s (1) being female that I identify with very much in this world. Especially as I get older and I look back on how I fit (past tense) and fit (present) into my communities and world. There’s also (2) being a mom which also has to do with how I fit and fit (see tenses above) into the world as a parent. There’s also (3) pop culture. That’s the fun stuff in the world. Consuming culture is a past time of mine. I am writing this from New Orleans where I have been consuming The 2016 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, also known as Jazzfest. It’s my 5th since 1997. Super fun time to relax and basically have one goal all day – listen to as much amazing music as possible. Done and done.

So, there’s a #4. I am ready to take it head on. It fits into all of the three listed above. It’s getting older. It is, in some ways, the main impetus of This Is Happening. As every day goes by, every week, every month and yes, every year, I look at the people by my side and around me (hi guys!) and I think, “This is Happening!”

We are aging and aging with open arms. (I was gonna say gracefully there but that is overused lately and has become a meaningless statement. Aging gracefully to some might be holding on to the past without seeming like you are or it might be fighting every wrinkle in a litany of ways, some thru a drugstore visit and some through a medical professional visit. Aging gracefully sounds to me like you are wearing an all white outfit with a sweater over your shoulders (yes, you are a prep) and you look at the calendar and look at yourself in the mirror and you smile behind tears.)

So, I am going to age with open arms. Maybe even with open arms and a smile.

In the meantime, putting this link to a New York Times article about better aging right here so I remember to continue to improve at something and to learn something and do a few crossword puzzles every now and then as I get older. Yay for aging!

Better Aging through Practice, Practice, Practice



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