Being called a bitch will happen

Having to do with Hillary and the potential of the first female US president after 240 years:

The Era of The Bitch is Coming

So to put it mildly and quickly, misogyny is going to be ok for a while. Ok in that it will be there and you might feel it and you might see it and you will hear it. The author points out that this could be a sign of progress. One step forward two steps back kinda thing but maybe just two steps forward and one step back. K? Good!

This is why it is so important for the public to speak out—loudly—against this kind of nonsense in all its forms. 

And a Tina Fey quote, from the article to keep in mind during this tumultuous time on in which perhaps we should just take back the word and make it ok:

Bitches get stuff done!

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