Good morning!

Top 4 Reasons I am a terrible person today, this week, forever. . . 

1.I didn’t take off my mascara before bed last night

My lashes, my face, humanity! None of it will ever be the same again. Because of me. And my lazy ass.

2. I didn’t brush my teeth (or floss!) before bed last night

I’m disgusting, my ideas are disgusting, my aura is disgusting and yes, I brushed them now prior to sitting down to write this but still. Ew. And when I say “ew”, I mean “go me!” That’s right.

This is what it looks like to be living a little.

YOLO, baby. My tired body just stopped at an early hour last night.

And it wasn’t going to un-stop for some peppermint tasting gel the dental market says we should use because health and all. Did you know that it was in 1917 when Connecticut became the first state to pass dental hygiene licensure law? That’s so Connecticut.

Down with the dental patriarchy!

Oh boy. This has gotten too far.

I didn’t mean that. Teeth are important. Flossing is important.

Just do it and all that but last night, I was terrible, Muriel.

I’ve admitted it and it won’t happen again, dear teeth.

3. I wasn’t mindful of every living moment this week.

Mind you, I am mindful of being un-mindful so there’s that. I didn’t set aside time each day to practice mediation. I didn’t have a cup of hot water with lemon every morning (I did have it two mornings though – high five!)

This week I was mindful in the car many times when those awful MUST. BE. FIRST. drivers were nearby.

No please, go ahead.

Where I have to go can’t possible be as important as where you have to go. There’s no way.

Sirius definitely needs a station for road ragers to calm the f down.

4. I didn’t close the garage door.

When you live in a suburban area sometimes it feels to me that everyone is driving to point A and then to point B and then when point C is your house, you go immediately inside. Don’t pass go. Don’t sit on your stoop. Don’t look over at the neighbors’ house or across the street. And whatever you do, don’t go outside  Also, I think it’s an interior climate control thing. Don’t let out the heat! Don’t let out the nice cold AC air! So the voices in my head (I mean the internet) and common wisdom tell me to close the garage door.

But, just kidding. I did close the garage door.

It’s such an ingrained habit of mine to always close the garage door that one time my husband was taking the garbage cans out to the curb down our short driveway and yes, I closed the garage door basically in his face.

Top 4 reasons I am not such a terrible person after all (this week’s version) :

1. I update my Instagram daily.

I’m doing a photo of the day (self-imposed) challenge. It’s so fun! I’ve got my crew of likers and followers liking my shit up & down and every now and then an outlier presses like.

Oh boy. This is living!

2. Hugs.

I give ’em as much as possible. And you should, too.

3. I called my mom on her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Birthdays! Am I right?!  

And moms?!  I mean, let’s give it up for moms!!

They’re awesome. 

4. And I prayed for world peace

(just kidding. I don’t pray since I’m pretty much an atheist/terrible person.)

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