It happened

It’s day 5 post 11/9 and there’s so much to do and yet. Reading through the slog and the appointments and the 60 Minutes interview and the protests and the signing up for the January 2017 marches and all. . . it just makes it too real. I just want to go to bed like it’s the morning after and I can still pretend it didn’t really happen.

I know. I know. Do something. Take action!

I am (donated, senators called, Planned Parenthood fundraisers attended) and I will continue to do so. Right after I talk about procrastination and denying reality. It’s just what I like to do.

Maybe this is what people aren’t saying:

If we did finally elect a female president, if we did elect a Democrat, if we did elect someone who believed in the things we believe in, then we could procrastinate. Someone else would take care. We would believe the lawmakers elected could push through and keep around some of the instruments, the policies, the general rhetoric that we like.

Maybe this is a light. It certainly is a light under our asses. But it’s also a time where there could be a light ahead. We’re meeting, we’re gathering, we’re talking.

A few years ago I was hanging out with  a new friend who during our conversation said,  “Oh. I don’t follow politics.”

I didn’t even know what that meant, truly. Do you read or watch the news? Because that is all it takes.

I was at a loss for words and felt like I just wanted to leave then and there.

Even IF it’s true, it shouldn’t be ok to say it. Maybe it’s my deep liberal roots. Change that: I KNOW it’s my deep liberal roots. You SHOULD cover up your ignorance and you SHOULD cover up your failure to understand common themes of civic-ness and what is going on in the world – your world!

So that’s the light. Like our president-elect has made it “ok” to not be politically correct and to say who bothers him and who he doesn’t like using stereotypes and prejudicial language.

Now it is NOT ok to not know what is going on in politics and in the legislature and who is being appointed and who is being overlooked. It’s not ok. None of it. Not one part of it.

It is not ok and it is not going to be ok for a long time.

That’s me facing reality.

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