It’s not. It’s snot.

No. It’s not snot.

The it I am talking about is the year 2016. And it is not the worst year ever.

If you were to do your research and use only one source, that source being the internet you might find that it was the worst year ever. Given Zika, celebrity deaths, violent killing sprees and crimes committed against the innocent.

But if you were to read this analysis, then you would understand.

You just would.

I hope you have hope either now or on January 1st, 2017. That is my hope for the world. The world around me and the world beyond me (there is more of that world). I hope that you have hope.

The New Yorker

The Worst Year Ever Until Next Year

And Zadie Smith. November 10, 2016

On Optimism and Despair

And I hope you have hygge. 

The New Yorker

The Year of Hygge:The Danish Obsession With Getting Cozy


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