2016 happened.

And the record will show a total of two This Is Happening e-newsletters were sent to you from this list in 2016.

I got two notes out to remind you –  you rock! Two seems like enough for this year. Not because you don’t rock everyday but you do realize that when I suggest “This is Happening,” I mean life and to do lists and accountability and responsibility and making memories and keeping traditions and so. 

So two. That’s what 2016 could hold for me. I have no choice but to be cool with that. 

I know you got a LOT of other email newsletters many more that two times this year. I hope you read some. You probably deleted some. And I hope you unsubscribed to some. I don’t write this as a competitive thing but for your own sense of un-cluttering and zen. I unsubscribed from plenty (Ahhhh – that felt good) and I signed up for plenty more (some of which I will surely unsubscribe from next year). 

Case in point: 


The What List. It’s from curators from the West coast and has a lot of fun lifestyle links. 


On Optimism & Despair, by Zadie Smith

Speaking of lifestyles, Zadie Smith is someone who writes a lot about her lifestyle, our lifestyles and the lifestyles of people in a multi-cultural society. The day after the 2016 election she gave a speech which resonated. It is not only thought-provoking but it also made it so clear to me what a beautiful writer she is. 


Being Mom to a Middle Schooler can be the Toughest Gig of All (npr.org)

I’m always one to be glad I knew about something before it happened. Preparation is key and just knowing this is a truth – science and doctors and data, oh my! – I won’t wish the time away and I won’t mutter, “Bring it on!” but I will not despair.

I will be optimistic. I will be ready to do this thing. And sure, the only way to be prepared is perhaps to know you will be unprepared but I wanted to share so we – those of us out there with kids around the same age – that we will, in fact, be in it together. Peace be with you. 


While This Is Happening is not coming out to you live it is pretty much up to date. It’s being written while on holiday with my family. Thus, this version of This Is Happening for the first time ever has contributing writers!!

Some of us have come up with a Top 5 list of 2016 and I present them to you below. 


A’s Favorite American Cities (age 6)   





1.Decatur, GA (current hometown) 

L’s Top Kids’ Movies of 2016 (age 8) 





1.Kubo and the Two Strings

G’s Top Sporting Moments of 2016 

5.USA beat Europe to win the Ryder Cup, just days after the passing of Arnold Palmer
4.Cleveland Cavaliers come back from a 3-1 deficit to finally bring sporting joy to the city
3.Usain Bolt completes the ‘triple triple’ at the Rio Olympics 
2.After 108 years, the Chicago Cubs win the World Series
1.Leicester City defy 5,000/1 odds to win the English Premier League

J’s Favorite Places Visited in 2016 (in no particular order) 

Hammock Garden: Dunwoody Nature Center Atlanta, GA

If you do ever happen upon a hammock garden please take the time to hammock and please, hammock responsibly! 


Webster Hall, NYC

Dancing into the night/morning really changes your perspective on life. I screamed more than once to my dancing partners, “This is what we do! We do this now and we are coming back in 5 days!” Needless to say we didn’t and that’s ok but the idea of it and dancing to that idea was just what I needed. It was pre-2016 election and after that gut punch, which for me will linger into 2017. I will hold onto that memory of a time when current events, friendly and not-so-friendly relationships, and being an American actually seemed less complicated. 

Cuzzin’s RestaurantWest Dover, VT 

Strong and solid Bloody Marys with pickles where the pickles are always perfect. 

Whetstone Station Restaurant, Brattleboro, VT

The Southern Vermont brewery you want to check out. 

Stanley,  New Orleans, LA 

The corner brunch place you really want to check out. Also with scrumptious Bloody Marys.


Hey guys, thanks for reading & thanks for being.

Enjoy the New Year’s Eve ballyhoo. Enjoy ignoring the ballyhoo. But do make the most of your extra second.

Do your hair up. Do it down. Don’t do it.

I hope you have a nice sleep. A nice midnight kiss.

A nice toast with family and friends. Whatever you do, I hope it’s nice. 

Welcome to 2017!







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