Happy June!

May is done and over and for me that’s good. Nothing tragic happened in May 2017 and nothing life changing happened either but May was just ok and I knew it from about 10 days in. So, I went about my way (in May) and sorta was ready for it to be over. I was actually on a short vacation in May and yes, I was present and not wishing May away then but I was definitely on my way to hating this May. There were just some days that were a wash. A wash of a day is one where you are not so effective or efficient or productive or let’s face it successful in forming a day.

That was May.

And that’s over!

But I did come up with some helpful ideas to get thru the days of May.

There are hug wishes you can send in a letter, a text or an email. You can even send them over the ancient phone lines. RIP phone calls and phone lines. Lines mostly bc of VoIP. They are helpful when you are far away from a dear friend and she is going thru a difficult time. Send away! They are free.

Then there is a “guh” I only realized a day after guh came to be that it is actually hug written backwards but yeah that’s not its main feature. Guh is also the letters of ugh. It’s not an ugh because ugh is overused. I overuse it. I don’t know if you do but you probably do. It’s become trite. Like “OMG” or “OMG that hamburger was too delicious. Ugh.”

No guh is real. It’s guttural. It comes from a dark dark place and you know what? It’s also ugly.

Ew to the guh.

So I hope to send mostly hug wishes for no other reason then hugs! And I hope to limit the use of guh this month.

Let’s do June. Let’s do this the right way!





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