Today happened.

Las Vegas is on my mind.
About 6 weeks ago my family stayed at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. I was with my children who are too young for me to explain to them what has happened without many more questions with no good answers.

We glanced out of those windows on to the space where the Route 91 Music Festival was held.We looked and stared at the strip and in the evening took in all the lights.  After 5 days in the canyons, it was a new scene for our eyes and it had fun, hope, and possibility written into it. If I told you that it was pure glee for them to play with the floor to ceiling curtains that adorned those windows, I know you would believe me because they are 6 and 9, after all.

Now that memory is tarnished and this is not “woe is me.” It is “woe all of us.”

All of us having to live in fear for ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors, and the people around us who we move with together thru our lives.
I’ve called my legislative reps today and I plan to keep resisting and doing my best to help our country progress to where we want to be. We are not there. Not even close.

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