An anniversary: Nope

It’s coming up. You and I both know it. And that is why I feel it’s a good time as any to write about this new world.

It’s being more connected to people based on important things and cutting through a lot of bullshit early and often.

It’s thinking about what our American world can look like and realizing it doesn’t look like that vision at all.

It’s sleeping more so you can take on this depressing world with more. . . sleep!

I mean, Energy! It takes more energy.

That’s a thing.

So that’s why I have found myself saying “Nope.” My energy is waning and nope is my new mantra.

Nope to being my best self.

I am having a hard time holding things lightly and I am happy to reject the idea of being my best self for now.

I am having a hard time NOT going easy on myself if I just wanna slow down and sit on the couch. I’ve been able to NOT go to the gym with a lot less anxiety. And I have also been ok with NOT meeting up with friends and NOT being social and NOT answering emails in a timely manner.

NOT writing on my blog has been key and I’m able to NOT write and not feel bad about it. 

With the President of the United States doing what he is doing – which it to say whatever the fuck he wants – I am going to the laziest version of myself.

And maybe I’ll just say NOPE to being unhappy about that.

Nope to this and nope to that.

I am not going to be my best self. It’s just not going to happen in the now.

Yes, I know how to make it happen but nope. 



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