Fix this!

This subject title is not referring to the state of our country and current administration. It’s about your clothing and feeling joy with your wardrobe options.

My first Fix from Stitch Fix was a few years ago and I took a long break until yesterday when (after a click here and a click there last week) a box appeared on my stoop filled with great clothes. This concept fills me with joy! I got to skip the browsing, the shopping, the indecision. When I shop it’s not fun, let me just say that. I’m too large, I’m too busty and just too everything. I actually don’t think that is true as I sit here now, but when I am shopping for clothing and looking to update my closet, it’s all true. It’s all dire. It’s all a disaster. It always seems like I have to start over and it is everything.

Phew! I got to skip that all thanks to Stitch Fix and I still have my options updated with more color and more trend. It’s not necessarily the chicest but I’m not going for chic. I’m going for comfort and style and newness! I don’t know if there is anything else quite like putting on a new top , cutting the tag off, and heading out for the day or night. That first-wear feel when you are happy about your shirt or dress is joyful and that in turn, can make your day.

Click here to try it out and to possibly feel the joy of skipping the stress and getting the updated wardrobe fix you seek!

This Is Happening Referral Link

(If you do schedule a Fix and purchase items I will get a $25 credit for my next Fix) 



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