The Atlantic

I saw my cousin over Thanksgiving and he told me he only reads a few websites and one of the them is The Atlantic. So I was all – I am gonna read that, too (I love my cousin!).

So, I am married and this article is about being married or not being married but it’s mostly about marriage so I read it and I liked it and I like to pretend I am a social anthropologist and in many ways, I am – aren’t we all?

And so I wanted you to read it, too because it’s interesting and thoughtful and well-written and The Atlantic so you can’t go wrong. Also it’s from 2014 so I have some The Atlantic catching up to do, clearly.

Also I just want to say that I have been married for almost 14 years and sometimes I don’t even think I believe in marriage so if you are not married and reading this we can talk.

But also, if you are married and reading this please know that I also believe it is a beautiful thing and companionship and love and building a life together and so on. (not feeling romantical right now, clearly. Though other times you will catch me and I am a mush. I am MOSTLY a mush but just not in this very moment.)

And if you are my kids reading this one day — >  I love your dad so so much but lately institutionalized things bother me and I am in a stage of life right now of saying exactly what I think and writing it down from time to time.

How To Save Marriage in America

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