You’re a Badass or is it Bad Ass?

You know how we all call each other badasses?

Oh. We don’t?

Well, I don’t really do it much either but we should do it more often.

Everyone is juggling – “the juggle is real” is REAL!

And so often I do say to friends, “You are doing it. You got it. We are all there with you.” We are all our own solar systems orbiting around each other trying to make connections while trying to make it all work.

Is that stressful? Well, sure – it can be! I think part of the juggle – and it is ALLL part of the juggle – is to make it less stressful. Stress kills. This is what I have learned in my juggle. It kills motivation, it kills love, it kills ability, and it kills growth.

So there you go.

Another part of the juggle – don’t be stressed! You can do it, you badass you!

Bad Ass Babes Newsletter by Ann Shoket

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