35 days and counting


This is actually happening.

We are moving from NY to VT.

We leave in about 5 weeks and is it the end of an ERA?


I have lived in NY for basically um, my entire life.


Huh. Pretty dramatic, no?

Well, I am choosing to make it less dramatic. Mostly because in most ways it IS less dramatic. I am fortunate enough to be choosing this new life ahead of me.

I have looked at the years behind me and said – well, these were amazing. I am a lucky, fortunate, liberated person and I am looking ahead and saying – yeah, these years ahead will be amazing. I will continue to be a lucky, fortunate, liberated person so let me live somewhere else and try something I have always wanted to try. Vermont living.

It’s still on this earth, on this planet, in this country, on this seaboard & coast. So how dramatic is it really?!

Not very. Will I still wake up every morning with the sun in the East? Yes, I will. Will it set in the West? Indeed, it will.

Will I still send my kids to school? Yes, I will.

Will I still shop at the grocery store for food? Well, sorta. I will have access to many more farms, farmer’s markets, and the like. There is even a milkman service to come to my door. So yes, living in Vermont is still life.

Vermont living however, is slightly changed from what I know and have always known.

So that’s it. Life is what your kids do all day and how you buy food?


If only that were it. If only a good life, a life well-led and well-lived didn’t involve connections and community. Then this transition would be infinitely much easier.

But as we know, it does. Connections and community are the good stuff.

When it comes to connections and community I will be starting close to the start when we actually make our way up there without coming back (we just went up for two days and we came back yesterday). About 7 years ago I started over in the suburbs of Long Island (from Brooklyn) and now a new change is upon me. Except this time it’s not just me.

It’s us. I have grown and tended to two humans in the meantime who’s consciousness has changed since our last move.

They have memories, thoughts, feeling and gasp! opinions that we all as group of 4 (partner included) have to grapple with. We need to watch out for each other, check in, make peace with and handle all the feelings and all the thoughts of all the parties.

It’s not for the faint of heart, this move. Nope. It’s not.

Luckily, I am not faint of heart. I have a big one and I am ready and it is ready to receive and give all that it needs to in these days coming at me fast.

Real fast.



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