Done counting

I can’t count anymore.

It’s getting real. I am REALLY excited and I am REALLY sad. There’s so many emotions bubbling up that if I can complete a single thought or sentence well, it’s a win!!

So – no counting but let’s say that I am treasuring every day and in that space, I am realizing what a good job my partner and I have done with this process and this move.

We have two small children – a tween and a grade schooler. It’s a time of big emotions for these kids at their ages and we have put into place pretty good tools for them when these big emotions around the move come up. We have made them excited for this new adventure in a way I could only dream of. They are authentically, genuinely excited for this big, huge step in their lives. Certainly they don’t realize just how huge though they are here for it.

So how did we do it? I’ll tell you soon some of the steps we took, seeds we planted to bring us into these next few weeks where I feel as a family we are all going through it together, we are a strong team taking this on – emotionally and literally (aka – they told us they WANT to help unpack. Wow. )

And yeah – no counting the days! I am leaving.

What part is left to understand?!

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