Barreling towards a new life

In 7 days time I will no longer live in this house.

This beautiful and big house where so many meaningful memories have been made.

It’s where my kids lived from ages 1 – 8 and from ages 3 – 11.

Is this a big deal? It so is but you can’t move through days leading up to one big day with the weight of a big deal on your mind or body the whole time.

So living in the present helps and you continue to have moments without thinking of the BIG DEAL around the corner. That’s only one of the weirdnesses going on now.

Another weirdness is that we actually will live here one day and the next be in a hotel and the next drive up to our new house that is about 5 and a half hours away. I think that’s weird. Not weird that we are doing it but weird that is it 1. about to happen. 2. how we as humans will adapt.

The adaptability is weird. We are throwing ourselves into a change. A change that we sought out. A change that we want. A change that we have planned (as best as possible) for with our family. And the fortunateness with which we are living our lives.

I want to move to Vermont. Okay! So let’s move to Vermont.

So that is what we are doing in 7 days. It’s like a roller coaster ride without being on a roller coaster. Just imagine it. Imagine it with your emotions.

Luckily, we put in the work of research and exploration – research and exploration of our lives together, what they are and what we want them to be for us and for our children. I am saying “luckily” because as we barrel towards this end of this portion and begin the new when we begin the new we will be at a place of knowledge and confidence. That “knowing” we did the work will only help.

The new will have its moments of sadness for what was left behind. The friendships will remain yet they will change and a longing for the past ease with which to see someone will come up. The first few months will be hard because of that.

Of course, we are taking a risk, that is another side of the experience and the fun of change. What will happen?

Because of our nature and our adaptability, the new adventure will be fulfilling and satisfying in ways to calm our unease. It’s like walking into something uncomfortable yet you know the outcome can bring so much reward. Is it okay to say I am ready for the rewards ASAP?!?!?!

As per usual (it’s so boring already) – this is happening!!!! 





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