TFW you are into a magazine’s theme

So yeah.

Happy 2020!! It’s a little late for a “happy new year” according to some, but I wish it for you the whole year long so why not say it now even if it is over 30 days into the new one?

New York Magazine is concentrating some time on feelings this month.

In this internet age we all say “TFW” which stands for That Feeling When. (dot dot dot)

Then we show a photo or a meme which in its best case scenario causes everyone who reads it to shake their head and say to themselves (bc we are all alone when we read memes – right?) “Yes! I know that one! I feel it too!”

According to science we haven’t named all the feelings humans actually do have.

Long story short: You can’t deny feelings.

So I am here for this, New York Magazine!! You Go, Girl!

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