I keep saying this to myself. And most of the time I say it out loud.

Over and over again. Every day.

“Ouch!” I learned at a young age in science class is actually a real biological release.

It starts to make you feel better if even in a minuscule way.

It is my new ouch.

Oof is now making me feel better.

It makes me acknowledge that I am taking a hit mentally.

The definition is “expressing discomfort, as from sudden exertion or a blow to one’s body.”

The exertion is waking up. It’s reading the news. It’s having a conversation with friends about the upcoming school year. It’s hit after hit after hit. And another thing. . . . !

It’s thinking about how you have it good when so many others do not. That in itself is a hit. Your health, your house, your food, your privilege. It’s not enough to say it is a hit. It’s not doing enough that is also a hit.

Oof, Oof, Oof!

Feel better yet?!

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