Things Making Me Happy Right Now

If you have talked to me over text or on the phone the past 10 days I surely have mentioned these items that are bringing me joy:

Call My Agent on Netflix:

I am in the middle of the final season (Season 4) and this show is making me laugh and think and it’s suspenseful and it’s deep and it’s silly. And it’s French!

The subtitles are keeping me clear from my phone while I watch. A habit that I quite successfully picked up during this pandemic is to watch a TV show while simultaneously being on my phone and social media the whole entire time.

I seem proud, right?

I am not.

I am trying to use a false sense of pride to hide my utter disappointment in myself.

That said, we can’t all be perfect on the Internet.

POOG: Wherever you get your podcasts

I dare you to read the linked article about the podcast and then NOT start immediately listening.

The podcast started last fall and I haven’t listened to all though I do plan to eventually.

Three of my favorite episodes – Smoothie, Motherhood and Jargon

The Vogue article says a lot and it’s true – these women (hags, if you will) are smart, fast, witty, sarcastic and get really intimate in a strange and joyful way. Not strange as they are strange but strange in a way that you(I) haven’t heard people talk to each other this way. So much of the podcast is about their innermost private thoughts yet it’s in this shallow yet still truthful way.

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