Jess Shevitz (aka Jessburbia) writes about pop culture, parenting and feminism.

This is her “look at me and how much of a fun, inspiring, doing shit kinda person I can be” bio:

In her former life she jumped out of a plane, ran a marathon, went to business school, and recruited application security developers and security penetration testers. In that order.

Her work has been published by The Mid (now Cafe Mid) and via the This is Happening e-newsletter. She also writes about books at Jessbrarian. You can find her dancing in her kitchen with her kids, but they don’t like it when she sings.

This is more of the reality. Not quite as exciting but truth is truth and that makes it important. 

Jess Shevitz is a person with emotions like everyone else. She is not just the words on the page nor is she not not the words on the page. These words don’t really make much sense so we will lead with silly. Jess Shevitz is silly. She tries to bring joy to as many people as possible in one day. It’s a one day at a time kinda life. For now her one day at a time involves tasks around her blog, upcoming podcast (!!), and her move north – from the NYC metropolitan area to the Burlington, VT metro area.

Jess Shevitz skis, plays tennis, and also spends time on a bike that goes nowhere. She’s an athlete at heart and juggling all the other stuff (including writing!) for her, is fun sport!

The more time she can get on her bike, the slopes, or a court, and the more she posts on her blogs, the more she feels like herself.




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