There’s been some movement this past month. Movement towards the light. It’s steady and it’s slow. And then sometimes it’s unsteady and quite fast.

That’s about the current pandemic.

And there is movement in the fight again racial injustices and systemic racism. Too many black people killed. Killed by police. On video and off video. Either way dead and it’s unfair. Unfair that your color is your one defining trait in the eyes of some.

Unfair to look away.

Unfair to not get uncomfortable and unfair for a white privileged person such as myself to sit in the grief of the BIPOC of America and not act, not speak out, not continue learning with my whole heart and being. It’s too unfair to not take action.

And this is not just about unfairness, it’s unjust.

It’s anti peaceful.

It’s awful.

It’s maddening and terrible.

To be a black person walking around in black skin is this just another day of injustice? It is.

To white people walking around with the grief of our brothers and sisters, our fellow human beings, fellow mankind, we must go inward and we must try our best to grow, learn and help to fight the ubiquitousness of this systemic racism.


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